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Energy Efficiency & Sustainability


GLP Facility Services provides solutions for energy management of facilities by converting energy costs into operational and financial.


In Greece, the increased energy consumption of buildings is due to their age, their lack or many times absence of maintenance and the lack of modern technology incorporated in them. We undertake the energy management of the buildings as well as the studies of energy saving - recovery.


Building energy management is a systematic, organized and continuous activity consisting of a planned set of administrative, technical and financial actions, as described below:

Monitoring and checking the proper operation of the building's E / M equipment, such as central heating, cooling, pumps, presses, lighting and periodic maintenance and interventions to make them more efficient.

Collection of data on electricity, oil, gas or other fuel consumption.

Maintain a database on the energy consumption of the building.

Energy consumption analysis based on the function of the building and identifying areas for improving energy efficiency.

Compilation of an annual summary of energy recording and control reports to the building owner. Determination and planning of the techno-economic characteristics of the proposed energy efficiency improvement and energy saving interventions.

GLP Facility Services undertakes the Energy Saving - Recovery Study with the aim of analyzing the energy characteristics and how the building operates to lead to a number of energy saving interventions.

These interventions may relate to:


The rational use of the building's E / M equipment (such as heating, cooling, lighting, hot water and electrical appliances)

Modifying or updating the most energy-intensive components

The building shell of the building (eg thermal insulation, solar systems)

The surrounding area of ​​the building (eg vegetation use)

The preparation of a techno-economic study of the installation of automation systems for energy saving


In addition, GLP Facility Services advises on Building Automation Systems (BMS), which are a broad category comprising of simple autonomous control systems as well as integrated Building Control Systems (BMS).

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