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Our People, Your People

Human Resources Disposal


Many businesses have the need to employ staff whose employment will be short-term or intermittent.

We serve this need with the staffing service hired by our company but working at the client's premises.

In other cases, by simply applying modern evaluation methods as well as specialized tests, we evaluate and recommend our clients the best possible solutions.


GLP Facility Services is responsible for finding the appropriate support staff, training, recruiting, managing payroll, and supervision.

GLP Facility Services, having developed a set of versatile services deemed necessary by modern businesses, can fully meet your needs regarding the following services:


Company reception

Document management & archiving

Temporary replacement of employees

Finding and evaluating various human resources (technicians, workers, maids, nurses, waiters, warehouses, bankers, etc.)

Payroll management

Staffing in the form of part time employment


The recruitment and training of our staff contributes to:

Reduce labor costs and overall operating costs

Increasing effectiveness through techniques and evaluation

Complete freedom to concentrate on the core activities of each business

Database Needs-Processing Study-Candidate Evaluation with Interviews - Creating a Short-List for the Client-Client Candidate Selection

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