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Professional Cleaning Services



Our crew has the knowledge, experience and necessary machinery to ensure optimum cleaning of your premises at really competitive prices.

Our experience gives us the ability of offering thorough cleaning services for commercial properties.

Technological equipment


GLP Facility Services has, at any time, the following equipment:


• Floor machines for washing and drying, carpet cleaning machines, foam producing machines, injection – extraction machines, etc.

• Cleaning sweepers for outdoor use

• Pressing machines

• Vacuum cleaners


Ironing with Garment Steamer


We undertake the initial cleaning of buildings. We pay attention to details, removing all pollutants caused by construction crews.

Insisting on removing paint, adhesives, putties, debris, dust and faults, we arrive at a very detailed cleaning of all surfaces of the building.


We deliver all kinds of professional properties ready for use and advise you on the daily cleaning in terms of using chemical cleaners and tools


Energy Efficiency Consultation


GLP Facility Services deals and provides professional cleaning services in the field of photovoltaic parks.

Cleaning the photovoltaic panels from pollen, bird droppings, dust, mud, debris, salt, salty, etc., must be done at least twice a year.


Motor Yacht


Our team of experts offers high quality polish and cleaning boat & yacht services, using only the best and safest cleaning

products. We offer cleaning and polishing packages that can be adjusted to the client's needs.  


Our company applies a specialised protocol only for hotels (ISO type) called SAVES (Safety Verification System)

Modern Bedroom

Check of room cleaning

Cleaning process supervision

Thanksgiving Dinner

Food control

Monitoring of HACCP implementation on kitchens, bars and food storages.

A Young Scientist looking through a micr

Laboratory analysis

Hygiene check with the use of portable systems on site and also food and water sampling at the laboratory.

Customized Pool Design

Swimming pool check

Sampling of the pool’s water, cleaner’s system evaluation, checking if all the necessary swimmer's safety procedures are implemented.

Holding Plant


Measurement of implementation of environmental responsibility and evaluation of environmental practices.

Fire Extinguisher

Security checks for visitors

Evaluation of fire safety procedures, safety of devices and other potential risks.

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