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Health & Disinfestations Services

Often in many areas of a building or commercial properties are born and grown unwanted organisms, such as insects and rodents that are carriers of infections and diseases, extremely dangerous to humans.

We have professional staff that guarantees correct, safe and effective pest control with the proper administration of pesticides.


GLP Facility Services apply a science-based approach to help you identify the root of your pest problem and implement a solution made expressly for your business. During every visit, we assess, implement, and monitor your space’s pest population in order to suggest the right solution.

We offer:


- Disinfection and Pest control program according to our private contract (depending on the client’s needs)

- Ground plan, where all Bait Stations & Traps are numbered

- Ground plan of pheromones

- Document with % consumption of pesticides/ rodenticides products 

- IPM (Integrated pest management) certificate

- IPM public license

- Data safety sheet (MSDS)

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